Written by Dr Jeremy P Hill, Chief Technology Officer of Fonterra and past-President of the International Dairy Federation, the book chapter “Assessing the overall impact of the dairy sector” provides an overview of the socio-economic and environmental benefits and costs associated with the dairy sector. It is a chapter of Volume 2 of “Achieving sustainable production of milk” which can be ordered here

   Assessing the overall impact of the dairy sector (J P Hill)

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How to order USB Cards (bulk orders only)

Please contact us at info@dairydeclaration.org for a quote in New Zealand Dollars if you would like to bulk order USB cards for your event.
  • A minimum order of 500 applies.
  • USB Cards are intended to be handed out to attendees at large events and come pre-loaded with the signed Dairy Declaration agreement and FAO’s Global Facts as well as other relevant material.
  • The documents can be translated into different languages.
  • The pictures on the back of the card can also be changed to suit your purpose.
  • The USB Cards can be ordered in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB sizes.